Invisible Browsing Application 7.5

Amplusnet (Shareware)

Invisible Browsing is a security program that hides users’ identity when surfing the Internet. It has three main functions, namely masking and hiding the IP address, creating a proxy, and cleaning activity traces from the web browser window. The program’s interface is clean and simple and buttons are clearly labeled. This makes the application ideal to use for both novice and advanced computer users.

On the main window, users can change their IP address by clicking on the “Change IP” button. It can be reverted back to the original IP by clicking on “Restore IP”. When cleaning the web browser, users have different options to choose from. Items that can be deleted include temporary Internet files, browsing history, typed URLs, cookies, auto-complete forms, and passwords. The application can be set to automatically delete these items every few minutes, as specified by the user. The proxy settings window allows users to manually look for a proxy server from the ones available. Other key features of this program are listed below:

• Allows users to browse restricted websites
• Enables users to surf different websites anonymously
• Simple and easy to use even for beginners
• Capable of blocking invasive code from websites
• Support for manual or automatic masking of IP