Invictus Monster Garage

Invictus Games Ltd. (Proprietary)

Monster Garage is a computer game based on the TV series with the same name. The objective of the game is to create modified trucks using only the available budget over a period of seven days. Each day presents a different challenge, and players must plan and build their monster truck well to make sure these meet the specifications set by the missions. Players are encouraged to use their creativity and automotive savvy in building their monster machines.

Building trucks in Monster Garage is done in four phases. The first one is design, where the player must visualize how the truck will look. The next is construction, where the user obtains the necessary parts and builds the vehicle. A player acquires parts by ordering them from a catalog and constructing them from available spares. The player puts all of these together before heading to the next stage, which is design. The player modifies the truck’s appearance with a new paint job and decals to make it more appealing to the monster truck-loving crowd. The trial stage comes last, where the player takes the truck to the test course for judging. The player unlocks a new mission when the created truck meets the required conditions.