Inventor’s Training Camp

FAKT Software (Shareware)

A physics puzzle game, Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp is a follow-up to the original Crazy Machines game that involves building imaginative machines in a Rube-Goldberg style. The gameplay calls for putting together unique devices that carries out different tasks, enabling the player to move one level to the next. The building mechanics are more complex, with more objects to tinker with and assemble. Crafting and running the machines involves a physics-oriented engine that simulates in-game variables including gravity, electricity, particle effects, and air pressure.

There are more than 200 puzzles in the game. Experimentation is required as the player deals with a variety of gears, explosives, boilers, robots, and other objects in a virtual laboratory. The imaginative ability of player is exercised as he constructs mechanical contraptions that literally rotate gears, pull levers, and turn cranks. A specific task in each level may require something as simple as pushing a box across a shelf, knocking over a few dominoes, or causing a frog to leap to a tower. Complexity in accomplishing such tasks enters as the player needs to create and tweak the created devices to get the job done.

The game begins with the player gathering pieces from the inventory and placing these on the playing area. The player can manipulate objects clicking on these to control angle, direction, and function. Various options are available in the overlay. When the player arranges all objects in place, everything can be in motion to see if the mechanical solution will accomplish the level's task. There is also a personal “lab” where the player can make machines and try out different things with these.