Inventoria Stock Manager 3.40

NCH Software (Shareware)

Inventoria Stock Manager is an inventory program that allows business owners to monitor and manage their inventory. The program comes with different features that help users manage their stocks from just one location. The program’s main interface is divided into different sections. Users can navigate through different areas from the left pane of the window, which displays Items, Purchase, Reports, and Sell. When one of these sections is selected, information can be viewed on the main window.

Here are some of the main features of the Inventoria Stock Manager:

• Supports monitoring and reporting of inventory levels, averages, and costs
• Support for alerts so that users are notified when a certain stock is running low
• Can be integrated with other applications, so that users can manage all aspects of the business
• Users are able to manage different businesses from just one location
• Inventory levels can be viewed in different categories, such as location

In addition to these, users are also able to access the Inventoria accounts online from different locations or through their mobile phones. This ensures that users are on top of their inventory all the time. Apart from these, business owners can also set permission levels to employees for viewing the inventory using the application.