Inventor Fusion 2012 2013


AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 is an add-on program included in the install package of AutoDesk AutoCAD program. AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 and AutoCAD belong to a family of Computer Assisted Design programs that is used in creating 2D and 3D models of different objects. This program is used by engineers, architects, designers, and manufacturers to create a model of a product or a structure. AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 is capable of importing DWG files from AutoCAD and allows users to view and edit their CAD projects. This program has tools that provide users with an all around view of their design as well as other viewing tools such as zoom, detail view, and segment view. AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 allows users to edit their design projects and its minute components. Users can select a particular object in the model or several components by holding down the CTRL button. This program allows basic editing features that enable users to change the dimensions, depth, surface, and other physical attributes of the model.

AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 has a user interface that is similar to AutoCAD’s interface. The main window contains tabbed menus that contain tools and controls for executing actions within the program. The view panel on the right side of the program window contains viewing tools that allow users to zoom in and out of the model, and toggle the view or rotate the model. AutoDesk Inventor Fusion 2012 can be accessed within AutoDesk AutoCAD and automatically exports edited models in DWG format.