Introversion Software Uplink

Introversion Software (Proprietary)

Introversion Software Uplink is a PC video game that was released in 2001. The game is set on Internet espionage and hacking circa 2010.

In gameplay, players assume the role of a worker for Uplink Corporation which is set in the year of 2010. The player also assumes the role of a hacker working for the corporation. Players can earn money by performing jobs for different clients. The money earned can be used for upgrades and missions for hacking servers of global corporations. The game focuses on a cinematic espionage style of hacking. Several references of Hollywood movies can be seen on the cut scenes and missions of the game. Players can face several challenges on different missions. Players must employ their analytic and logic skills to hack into different servers to finish missions. Different mini missions can also be done throughout the game. This includes problem solving, basic number algorithm solving, and logical analyses.

The main tools of the player include their computer, CPU, modem, memory, and security firewalls. Players are required to do proxy bypasses, log deletion, encryption, decryption, and voice analyses. As the player gains more money, the difficulty level of missions also increases. The money earned by players can be used to buy computer upgrades, hacking skills, and security passes.