Introversion Software Darwinia

Introversion Software (Shareware)

Introversion Software Darwinia is a video game accessible to several platforms. The game simulates the life within a computer network. In this place, life forms called Darwinians live. Darwinians are the product of Dr. Sepulveda’s research on genetic algorithms.

Introversion Software Darwinia and the whole setup virtual world are threatened by a powerful virus infection that can make the Darwinians extinct. The goal of every player is to put a halt to the virulent spread of this infection and eventually control it. The Darwinians are sentient individuals so controlling them is not an option. Players will be instructed to instead create programs such as Squads and Engineers which can be used as weapons against the virus.

As the game progresses, these simple program weapon tools will prove to be not enough to quell the computer virus, and the only option left is evolution. The game has its own task manager to help players control every program weapon made. The evolution means that the player will help Dr. Sepulveda in a long-term goal of reactivating the mines and powers to reincarnate infected Darwinian souls. The final parts of the game will find the player and the Doctor tracing the origin of the virus in a spam email. The player will then destroy the few remaining emails.