IntoCartoon Pro Edition 3.3 (Shareware)

IntoCartoon Pro Edition is a program used for changing photos to cartoons. Converting images to cartoons can be done in just a few clicks. Image file formats supported include BMP, JPEG, and JPG. Users who have little to no knowledge in photo editing will be able to use the software, since the user-interface is intuitive. Task buttons are displayed on the main window. Other settings and tools can be launched from the menu bar.

After importing an image to the program, users have two options when editing – manual or automated. There are also windows for changing the different aspects of the cartoon image. For instance, the size and characteristics of the sketch can be modified with sliders. Other image characteristics that can be changed are darkness, smoothness, and other details. The brightness, contrast, and color balance (red, green, and blue) levels can be changed with the use of sliders.

Other features of IntoCartoon Pro Edition include:

• Option to make the image black and white or retain its color
• Other elements can be added to the image (text, shapes, speech bubbles)
• Converting photos takes only a few seconds
• Preview feature that shows the image size and the coloring used