Interwise Participant 8.2.04.

Interwise (Freeware)

Interwise Participant is a communications tool that enables users to attend, collaborate, and actively participate in an Interwise live event. As an active participant, a user can not only listen to an event but also speak, share applications, and make inputs via the program’s graphic whiteboard. Recorded events may also be viewed using this utility. This application is ideally used during webinars and conferences held online. In detail, users attending an Interwise live event using the Participant application are able to do the following:

• Poll event participants
• Enlarge the Participant window for better viewing
• Load files, add annotations, and share the files on the Whiteboard shared by all participants. The Whiteboard is loaded by the event’s moderator or presenter and may contain presentation slides, websites, images, and video files.
• Get permission to record the event and request for permission to speak
• Send notes to other participants, presenters, and the Event Moderator

Event presenters and moderators are given additional level settings. Moderators and users who are given permission to speak may access the Whiteboard and annotate the items displayed within using tools contained in the program’s Drawing Toolbox. Users may also adjust the microphone and speaker volume levels from the program’s sound settings menu.