InterVideo(R) WinDVR

InterVideo Inc. (Shareware)

Developed and released by InterVideo Inc., InterVideo(R) WinDVR is a program that offers streamlines the process of recording video for later viewing. It is an efficient recording solution for those who stream videos and movies from their computer systems as well.

InterVideo(R) WinDVR is a program that allows its users to utilize their computer systems to watch television programs at faster streams. There are other practical features that come with this particular application. It also provides program users with access to a reliable program guide. These users can access the application and utilize it to browse through various program listings with ease. It is also able to support VHS recording and conversion. Audio and video data from old VHS tapes can be copied and saved onto DVD discs or on video CDs.

Aside from video authoring elements, the InterVideo(R) WinDVR also allows still-image capture. Users can easily capture stills from their favorite shows as these are being streamed and viewed. Digital navigation controls also aid in recording and viewing. Multiple monitor support is also available with this particular program. Users can also rely on a built-in task management administrator for additional ease of use. The program also allows offline transcoding and support for scheduled recording.