InterVideo WinDVR

InterVideo Inc. (Shareware)

InterVideo WinDVR was a software used for playing and recording of videos such as TV shows on one’s computer, by allowing the latter to work both as a digital video recorder and television set.  A TV turner card which was hardware based was imperative for the application to work.  The software was also capable of burning videos to a disc.

A program Task Manager was able to schedule video recording, perform off-line transcoding tasks, and managed file lists for recording.  The application also included an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) feature that could be updated through the Internet.  The EPG could search for program listings and had a replay, rewind and pause functions.  A screen capture  feature also enabled users to capture screenshots from any program they were watching.  Equipped with a sleep timer, the application allowed users to automatically turn off recording  after  120, 90, 60, or 30 minutes. InterVideo WinDVR was specifically made for the Windows operating system.  However, it turned out to only be compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, and not Windows 98ME and 98SE.

This software has already been discontinued.  Intervideo Inc. along with Ulead Systems were fully acquired by the Corel Corporation in December 12, 2006. Intervideo as a brand name has already been retired, with all its former products presently marketed as either Ulead or Corel products.