InterVideo DVDCopy

InterVideo Inc. (Shareware)

InterVideo DVDCopy is an application that enables users to copy and convert DVD files into their computer. This program is used in creating backups in the form of disc images that can be saved in the user’s computer or burned in another blank DVD. InterVideo DVDCopy allows users to preserve their original DVD data in case the original disc copy suffers from physical damage such as scratches and chips. InterVideo DVDCopy provides users with a wizard guide that enables them to backup their DVDs into three steps. Users only need to insert the disc in their disc drive, select a format and location, and proceed with the backup process. In addition to these, InterVideo DVDCopy contains features that allow users to merge different video files in a single disc, and convert their DVD videos for different handheld devices such as Sony Playstation Portable, Apple iPod, iPad, iPod Touch, or other smart phones and 3G phones. This program supports formats such as H.264, MPEG-4, and M4v.

InterVideo DVDCopy features a simple user interface that contains five main parts. the first part displays the main task buttons on the upper portion of the program window. These tasks include Copy DVD, Merge DVD, File to DVD, and Copy to Go. The next part displays DVD information such as format, frame size, frame rate, and bitrate. The middle portion displays the video contents of the inserted DVD disc. Users may preview a DVD video file using the built-in video player on the panel below the information section. The last part holds the controls that execute actions within the program.