internetUPDATE (Freeware)

InternetUPDATE or iUPDATE is a system program that searches for updates through the Internet. It enables the user to update the programs in his computer on a daily basis. It can automatically check the Internet for system updates for the computer programs installed in the user’s system. Search locations for updates include system manufacturer and programmer websites, so the program can check for newer versions of installed software.

InternetUPDATE can automatically connect to the Internet and search the Web for manufacturer websites. It will then compare the program and product information on the websites with the user’s installed programs. When the program finds updated versions online of the software in the user’s system, it then displays the information page of the updated files. The information displayed includes the latest versions of the systems or programs the user has installed on the computer. The program can collect product updates from several system manufacturers and save these in one file to be viewed by the user.

internetUPDATE allows the user to customize the interface of the program. The user can adjust the settings to manual or automatic searches. Automatic searches for system updates are made on a daily basis by the program. The user can set the program to do manually-scheduled searches.