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InternetTV is a program that is capable of receiving more than 2000 online channels. This Internet TV tuner is a utility that allows for daily viewing  as well as live broadcasts from anywhere around the world. This tuner does not require any TV card. With InternetTV, all the channels are streamed through the Web. This is an application that gives users a means of watching their favorite shows whenever they want.

For avid television watchers who want to expand their viewing experience, this is the program that offers opportunities to learn languages and enjoy alternative programming. This application is also ideal for people who are keen on learning about foreign cultures and want to have their regular stream of news and/or entertainment.

InternetTV delivers popular shows in superior audio-video especially if there is high speed Internet available. There are live content made available to viewers without the need for subscription. Automatic updates are available as well so that users are not viewing outdated shows.

InternetTV by Microsoft gives users the chance to watch in full screen or regular mode. This utility is compatible with Windows 7. Windows Media Player decoders and Real Media Player decoders are utilized and made available to users of InternetTV via an interface that is easy to use. The channels are organized by country.