Internet Translator 3.1 3.1

Techland (Shareware)

The Internet translator is a software program designed to convert a word or phrase from one native language into another. Techland Software first came up with the idea of authoring the translator. However, it was a company called Curchy Internet Solution who published the software.

The built-in engine of the program utilizes a set of algorithms that will recognize the word or phrase given by the user. The program will find a simple substitute for the text with the help of the program’s language library.

The program employs a technique called disambiguation for words that have several meanings. The program does an automated research that will target all the relevant translations of a given text. The engine search aims to resolve all the ambiguities in the text provided by the user. After the extensive research, the program will provide an output that complies with all the lexical and grammatical conditions of the software’s target language.

The users can increase the program’s efficiency to translate a text by developing a technique or approach when it comes to providing keywords. The users must provide the scope of substitutions that the program will utilize during the text conversion.

The program comes with the following features:

• Translation of whole sentences
• Translation of text files
• Auto-update feature
• Updated language libraries

The program requires an Internet connection for updates. However, it can still work as a standalone translator even if the users do not have an Internet connection available.