Internet Security Systems RealSecure SiteProtector

Internet Security Systems (Shareware)

RealSecure SiteProtector is a tool that provides system security for better detection of intrusions and for assessing product vulnerability. The entire application is a platform for integrating the management of desktop, server, and network protection into a single system. Information based on its evaluation of a product’s weakness lets it automatically configure RealSecure installations against newly-discovered security issues.

The main function of the application is to permit users to monitor, analyze, and control security problems from a single central site. Because of its unified command, control, and monitoring system, it reduces security management demands on staff, network traffic, and other operational resources. It prioritizes events and correlates, performing real-time tracking of attacks and misuse. The software’s interface facilitates the work of administrators. This is because it provides flexible views that focus on collecting events and grouping them according to their characteristics. It also has filters that screen for event exceptions and unnecessary security alerts. Additionally, it permits users to conduct multiple site management through secure remote administration.

The program is able to filter through various security threats and events by using two methods of real-time correlation. The first method involves grouping similar events based on user-defined parameters. The second method is about enabling real-time convergence of the threat and vulnerability spectrum to make the intersection of the threat spectrum available. If the program finds matches, it escalates their priority. Users can also choose to display only the intrusions with matching vulnerabilities.