Internet Maniac

Sumit Birla (Shareware)

Internet Maniac is a small utility program that enables users to perform various networking-related tasks. This program features a simple interface that is used to execute a number of actions and get information about a user’s Internet Protocol (IP).

The program window displays the IP information on the top portion of the window. These include the Local IP Address, the Local Hostname, and the assigned Hostname. The lower portion displays a list of commands used various networking actions. These include:

• Host Lookup – used to look for a host name for an IP address.
• Ping – a tool used to test connectivity between two remote devices.
• Traceroute – this tool is used to display the path and measure packet transfer delays over an IP network.
• Connect – this tool connects the user to an IP network
• Time - a tool used to measure how fast packets are transferred over a network.
• Finger – this tool is used to provide user information in a network. It checks the number of connected users.
• Whois – used to determine the IP address and ownership of a web page.
• POP3 – a tool used to test the availability of email servers.
• Listen - a tool used to enable users monitor UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets.
• Scanner – a tool used to a target host or domain.
• Winsock – a tool used to fix connection problems related to Windows Sockets Api.
• Information about the Network Adapter Address

Clicking on a command option generates a window where a user may input variables such as the IP address or the port range. Internet Maniac also provides a user guide to help users understand each command option.