Internet Explorer Password Unlocker

Password Unlocker, Inc. (Shareware)

Internet Explorer Password Unlocker is a program used for retrieving passwords and login information saved on the web browser Internet Explorer. The program is used by those who forget their passwords. The program has a simple user interface that is easy to use, even for novice computer users. It can retrieve usernames and passwords for email accounts, social networking sites, and other saved passwords.

The application has a simple user interface with five buttons on top. They are Search, Help, About, Purchase, and Quit. The window is divided into two sections – Log Window and Internet Explorer Password. Under the Internet Explorer Password window, users can see the URL of the website, the username, and the password for the site. The Log Window displays the events of the application and the time when each event occurred. It also displays if the password was found or if there are no logins and passwords recovered from a particular website. The application only works when log in information was saved in the web browser.

Other features of the application are the following:

• passwords from different websites can be recovered in just a few seconds
• user-friendly interface
• easy to use for novice and advanced computer users