Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16428 (64-bit)

Microsoft (Freeware)

Windows Internet Explorer is an application that enables users to browse the Internet, download files, check their email accounts, log in to social networking sites, write and publish blogs, and stream media, among other tasks. It is a graphical Web browser and comes included with the Microsoft Windows operating systems. This browser features an intuitive interface that allows it to be used not only as a desktop application but as a Windows 8 utility as well. This browser has undergone several changes over the years since it was launched to the public in 1995.

One of its key features is the improved user interface. The new user interface is optimized for use with Windows 8 touchscreens. Users can swipe the screen from the top or bottom to scroll up or down a webpage. When the user interface is shown, users can see tabs listed at the top of the screen, and on each tab is a preview of the webpage. Users can find the address bar with navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Another notable feature of Windows Internet Explorer is Flip Ahead, which enables users to navigate through articles and search results that run across multiple pages. Windows Internet Explorer also has built-in Adobe Flash Player, allowing users to view flash content, watch videos, and play games with ease.