Internet Explorer browser application wrapper

Parallax Inc. (Freeware)

Internet Explorer browser application wrapper is a program that allows its users to gain access to the Internet Explorer browser, even when it is used on a platform that it is not technically compatible with. Internet Explorer is a browser that is considered to be rather old and when installed on computers working with newer operating systems, the browser does not function as it should. When the Internet Explorer browser application wrapper is utilized, it creates a usable version of the browser that can be embedded in any mobile device, providing users with access to some of the browser’s more basic functions when necessary.

Parallax Inc. created the Internet Explorer browser application wrapper. With this particular computer application, it is relatively easy for modern computer users to enjoy the benefits of Internet Explorer even if they are working with more advanced operating systems. Users are not limited to the current browsers available for download online. The Internet Explorer browser application wrapper, when used, creates a source code that enables device embedding. When the browser has been embedded into the computer system, it will function in a quality that is similar to the downloaded version, but without the hassle of direct online downloading and installation.