Internet Everywhere 3G+

Orange (Proprietary)

Mobile devices are really popular these days. Aside from phones and multimedia players, plenty of on-the-go individuals also carry laptop computers. Almost all of these devices are equipped with internal chips that allow them to be connected to the Internet given a Wi-Fi or 3G link. Internet Everywhere 3G+ is a portable modem equipped with a RUIM chip that allows its users to connect to the Internet at 3G speeds at any time of day and anywhere they may be.

This particular application is connected to the EVDO network which offers a maximum of 3.1 mbps in terms of connection speed. For as long as an area is part of this network, the user of the Internet Everywhere 3G+ portable modem will be able to connect to the Internet on a mobile device. If the user is not in an EVDO network area, connecting to the Internet is still possible but the speed of connection will generally be lower. When purchased, the Internet Everywhere 3G+ kit will include a free Orange Co. email address, monthly charges based on volume or connection usage, and free access to Orange Co.'s Intranet.

Users also have the option to sign up for a prepaid or postpaid contract. The device is offered free for the latter and there are no connection fees for both types of subscribers.