Internet Download Accelerator

WestByte (Freeware)

Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) is a download manager tool developed by WestByte. It is used for solving three common downloading problems including resuming broken downloads, accelerating download speed, and managing downloaded files.

The program is capable of increasing download with the use of FTP, HTTPS, and HTTP protocols. It can increase download speed by breaking the file being downloaded into multiple parts then downloading these parts simultaneously. Using FTP, HTTPS, and HTTP servers, the program is capable of resuming broken downloads. IDA is also capable of enhancing usability by integrating it with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and other common web browsers. By doing this, it replaces the typical download modules. The program can also monitor the system clipboard and identifies URLs in clipboards.

IDA also offers management features. These features allow users to organize download files by categorizing them using the Automatic Category Detection feature. The program also features functions for listening and viewing audio/video files as soon as the download begins. Users are able to filter out files’ unnecessary contents. Aside from this, downloading and storing videos from various video-sharing websites are possible as well. Supported websites include YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, and others. The program also includes several tools including FTP Explorer, Site Manager, Download Speed Control, IDA Bar, and more.