Internet Cleanup

Aladdin Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Aladdin System’s Internet Cleanup is a program that allows users to block Internet ads, Web bugs, cookies, and trace their origins. It removes spyware and tracking devices as well. Moreover, this security tool helps manage emails and other Internet content by scheduling automatic cleanups at start-up times. With this program, users can protect cookies of their favorite sites and delete the ones they do not want. There is a restore feature in case the user accidentally deletes the wrong cookie.
Internet Cleanup is highly customizable. Users can simply specify the Web sites, cookies and other content that they want to remove from their clean-ups. This enables users to easily get rid of the objects and content they do not want people to see. Users can also choose whether they want to delete a file or simply ‘secure erase’ it. Aside from this, there is also an Internet destructor. Here, users can destroy not only cookies but also cached files, plug-ins, web addresses, and recent browsing history. The application’s additional features are as follows:
• Includes recently-accessed lists namely Word, Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer
• Allows automatic schedule for clean-ups
• Restore feature that can revive accidentally deleted cookies and other objects
• An Internet destructor and ad blocker that can stop pop-ups, in-page banners, and scripts from showing up.