Internet Access With EidosNet

easyNET VIP (Shareware)

Internet Access With EidosNet is the latest offer from a reputable service provider that has made its name across Europe. Internet access is now revolutionized by Easynet Limited, which has specialized in providing high performance services to the public for many years. Internet Access With EidosNet has some of the following basic features:

• Unlimited Web access for free
• Provision of 20MB of personal Web space
• No limit to e-mail address availability
• Telephone support at the affordable rate of 50 pence a minute
• News service
• Single and dual channel access

Internet connectivity is available via the following options: (1) dial through and (2) high-speed digital lines and satellite. Internet Access With EidosNet is an offering from a leader in Internet service provision in the European continent. Its main coverage includes Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Customers in these countries are may opt to experience high performance Internet services that are also very affordable. The main goal of the company is to give their subscribers and patrons with an enriching, online experience at a lower cost. Internet Access With EidosNet is an amazing package from a company that not only provides a range of services but high quality Internet access as well.