International Volleyball 2009

Idoru (Shareware)

International Volleyball 2009 is a PC game for Windows XP and Windows Vista that enables users to control six players in simulated indoor international volleyball games. Users can choose the single-player option to play against the AI (PC), or the multiplayer option to play against another player. This game allows users to control male or female players, and choose from various volleyball moves such as smashes, blocks, serves, feints, and spikes. The game is easy to use, making it an ideal application for users with basic skills and for those who are just learning to play volleyball.

The game features a training mode in which players can learn about the controls of the game. The controls are easy to understand, making commands easy to execute as well. Users control the players on their team as one entity and they can choose what kind of serve or shot to use for each. After learning the controls, players can choose to play in non-training mode.

International Volleyball 2009 has basic graphics that allow players to focus on the game. Players will be able to hear the sounds made by each volleyball move, as well as the cheers coming from the audience. Players can also view a replay of certain parts of the game, such as when the ball touches the net.