International Rally Championship

Magnetic Fields (Proprietary)

International Rally Championship is a racing video game developed by Magnetic Fields and released on June 1997. The game is part of a loose collection of rally racing games based on Rally GB called the Rally Championship Series. It follows the Network Q RAC Rally game released in 1996, and a prequel to Mobil 1 rally Championship released in 1999. It is the fourth of the seven rally racing games contained in the Rally Championship Series.

This game features nine types of cars, divided into three groups. Group A features the Ford Escort WRC, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Impreza WRC, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The B Group is composed of the Renault Maxi Megane, Nissan Almera GTI, and the Proton Wira. The last group, Group C offers the Volkswagen Golf GTi 16v and the Skoda Felicia. The game features 15 tracks, one in each country. These are on the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, South Africa, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and Russia. International Rally Championship can be played in six different modes: Quick Rally, Arcade, Championship, Individual, Time Trial, and Simulation. Championship mode has four levels of difficulty, as well as Arcade mode.

This racing game features its own soundtrack. The music used in this game is composed by Dave Sullivan and Darren Ithell.