Interdialer Light 3.0

Interfree (Freeware)

Interdialer Light is a compact program designed to interlink a computer device running Windows Vista, XP, and their earlier versions to a dial-up Internet connection. It is a freeware tool that facilitates internet access in remote places or areas with weak or unavailable local area network. Interdialer Light generates a virtual dial-up internet connection that is both reliable and economical, since the program, by default, connects computers using a local rate, depending on the tariff plan of the service provider detected through the software's POP access.

Interdialer Light functions in real-time as it identifies available network connections. It will present users with network options and grade the latter depending on their strength, similar to how an NIC or Network Interface Controller detects wireless area networks. The program comes with built-in protection fending off the potential effects of malicious software and unsecured connectivity. As a competitive tool, the program does not come in complex configurations, so seamless connection is reliable even when users travel from one place to another. This is because the tool immediately screens for dial-up POP or any alternative single interface to connect to. Configuration to any remote access is not required; users can simply get the tool running by setting up a free account, which requires them to encode their username and password.