Embarcadero Technologies. Inc. (Shareware)

InterBase is a relational database program for software developer users who want to embed a lightweight database onto their cross-platform applications. This program provides a low-cost solution with no required supervision from an administrator. It provides a multi-platform application that is capable of quality performance. It also offers disaster recovery and security solutions that can be customized by the user. InterBase supports a wide variety of database drivers for the user’s convenience. The program provides encryption capabilities needed to protect the user’s personal information, with the option of encrypting the whole database, or only those critical tables or columns.
Additionally, it can also encrypt information stored in the database, as well as those that are transferred to and from networks. Users can also filter the data to display only fields that are needed.

InterBase is fit for ISVs, VARs, and OEMs that need a database that has a minimal disk space, but without compromising the features needed to run a business. The program can be installed simply (without administration and footprints) and can move the user’s database across platforms without snags. With the integrated SMP (symmetric multiprocessing), the program fits right into multi-core systems with options and enhancements that include batch updates, restoration of databases, and queries. The program supports popular programming languages, such as PHP, Java, C, Net, C++, Delphi, and Ruby.