Interactive SQL

SQLZOO (Shareware)

Interactive SQL is program that is intended for the use of database administrators and programmers. It is designed for many functions, including defining, updating, searching, and deleting data. This utility is useful in areas such as testing, analysis of problems, and database maintenance. This program is intended to fulfill the requirements of people who need to enter SQL statements.

The following are some of the basic functions of Interactive SQL:
• Granting privileges and revoking privileges
• Editing and retrieving statements
• Creating and dropping views, tables, and schemas
• Selecting information from a set of tables
• Session services function gives the user the chance to save the session, change attributes, remove entries from the session, and print the session.

When data definition language (DDL) operations are involved, only one user can use the tool. Nevertheless, if DDL is performed in the same database but on other objects, multiple operations are allowed.

Interactive SQL may be used by a programmer to insert rows into a table and afterward test SQL statements before they are used to run a program. Once completed, the tool displays a completion message and an error message if there are any. When long running statements are conducted, status messages are displayed as well.