Interactive Calendar

CSoftLab (Freeware)

Interactive Calendar is a task manager that allows users to keep track of their daily activities. The program places a calendar on the desktop that serves as the wallpaper. This makes it easier for users to always have access to their schedule without having to open another window. The application is fully customizable. Users can add events and notes to a particular day by double clicking on its location on the calendar. Pictures can also be added to the calendar. It supports various image file formats including ICO, BMP, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

The program also has a main window where users can input their schedule. On the main window, the calendar is located at the left panel. Users can then select a date, and a more detailed version will be displayed on the text area. That is where users can add notes, string time, and ending time for a particular task. Users can also input items that occur regularly. This can be set under the recurrence window under Options, so that users don’t have to type the task repeatedly. Some of the characteristics of the calendar that can be customized include the cells, shadows, fonts, font size, common colors, and holiday colors. Interactive Calendar does not clog system resources.