Intel(R) Desktop Utilities

Intel(R) Corporation (Freeware)

Intel® Desktop Utilities is a system utility program developed by Intel® Corporation. It serves as a monitoring tool specifically designed to monitor the health of a computer system that uses specific Intel motherboard models. With this program, users can prevent system downtime and system failures. It can be used for auditing, detecting, and alerting users about the system’s changes in voltages, temperatures, and fan speed that affect the overall health of the computer. The program supports several Intel Desktop Board models including D2500CC, D2500HN, DH57JG, DH61WW, DH67CL, and more.

Intel® Desktop Utilities works by interrogating the Intel Desk Board’s sensors. If the program detects that the sensors deviate from the standard ranges, it notifies the users. It has different ways of notifying users. It can display a flashing red icon or a pop-up alert message. Notifying users through audible notification is possible as well. Aside from these, the application also works as a system information tool. It keeps a log of all previous alerts that have occurred. It can also display detailed information about the software and hardware installed in the computer. The program can also be used to test the hardware for possible errors.

Intel® Desktop Utilities only work on supported desktop boards. Installation in unsupported motherboards is automatically aborted.