Intel(R) Active Monitor

Intel Corporation (Freeware)

Intel Active Monitor is an alerting utility system used to monitor the overall health of computers. Active Monitor utilizes the computer’s specialized sensors in order to monitor the system's significant utilities on a regular basis. The user is then automatically notified every time there is an increase in the system’s fan speeds, temperatures, and its power supply.

Aside from monitoring system performance, Intel Active Monitor also displays relevant information for the benefit of the user. Details such as processor type, RAM, desktop board, chipset, and memory information are all made easily accessible whenever needed by the computer owner or technician.
These are some additional functions and features:

• Channel bar navigations are used in place of menus for a more user-friendly interface
• Keeps tracks of previous alerts in the system for the user’s perusal
• Offers an option for users to print or save relevant information about their system’s hardware or software.

Furthermore, this alerting utility system also allows the user to customize pop-up alerts. When an alert occurs, it always prompts the program to display various notifications in order to inform the user. The default warning is the red flashing Intel Active Monitor icon in the system tray. With its customizable features, the user can change whether to receive audio as well as pop-up window alert messages.