LaCaveProds - (Freeware)

IntelliTamper is an application that is used for scanning the hidden contents of websites, including all the folders and files. The program has an intuitive user interface that both novice and advanced computer users will be able to navigate. To use the application, users just have to supply a web address on the upper portion of the main window and all the details will be displayed on the different sections on the interface. The program does this by scanning the website for all the available contents.

After the scanning, the program displays information on the explorer-like layout. The scanning time depends on how complex the website is. Contents from the website can be displayed in different ways. Users can view them alphabetically or by the size of the files. The program also has a search feature, which is useful when users are searching for a particular file or folder on the website. The program comes with different Options as well. There are five different tabs under the Options window. These are Program, Files and Folders, Domains, Proxy, and Cookies. Users can change the different settings for the application from the Options window. This application can be used by those who want to see if their personal of professional website can be easily attacked by hackers.