Detto Technologies (Proprietary)

Intellimover is a data transfer utility that enables users to transfer folders, files, bookmarks, emails, address books, screen savers, audio files, dictionaries, and even the settings such as mouse configuration from one computer to another. This application has the ability to check what is in the old and the new computer, and then moves the necessary data quickly and easily. It is able to obtain the settings from 47 programs as well as the different Windows configurations such as desktop shortcuts and taskbar content. These programs include AOL, WordPerfect Office, and Microsoft Word.

With this application, a data migration task 500MB in size can take only approximately 20 minutes to complete. This program is easy to use through the step-by-step wizard. Users can selectively transfer or move specific files and settings to their new computer without any trouble. Users are given complete control over the transfer, so that they will not have to move unused or outdated files to their new computer. Users can also continue to transfer data between their computers after the initial migration.

The Intellimover package comes with a data transfer cable for use in transferring data. The program examines the hard drive of the old computer and locates all of the file formats and settings that can be moved. Users can then review the files and deselect those that they do not want to be transferred to their new computer. The application will then build the file package for transferring.