Intelligent Shutdown 3.2.0

In Media KG (Shareware)

Intelligent Shutdown enables users to schedule computer shutdown, hibernate, standby, or log-off, whenever computer tasks are completed. Scheduled actions such as log off, reboot, and shutdown are performed on certain conditions.  Computer conditions are assessed such as network access, processor load, program downloads, process completions, and time synchronizations, to name a few.

Program features have drop-down lists and check boxes. Users no longer have to wait to restart or shut down a computer.  The computer may be customized to run on a normal timetable or at a specified amount of time. With the program, users can schedule tasks like program launching, playing music, restarting the computer, turning the computer off, closing computer monitor, adding reminders, displaying favorite images, locking one’s computer, and shutting down the computer automatically. The program has a total of nine schedule types which are monitor program, monitor network, monitor CPU, monitor memory, general multi-running, advanced multi-running, running once, idle, and countdown. Program reminders contain a number of time options intended for tasks that have been scheduled. With Intelligent Shutdown’s rendered task scheduling the computer is able to consume less energy when it is inactive. 5 Mb of available disk space and 256 MB of RAM are needed to use the program.