Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2012

Intel® (Shareware)

Intel® SDK for OpenCL* (Open Computing Language) Applications 2012 is a full-featured development package for programmers. It consists of basic and advanced tools required by programmers to create different types of applications. This versatile utility supports the development of apps for a variety of devices and technological platforms. Beginners to programming and software development will find the program easy to use and learn the basics of programming with.

This program is a portable and standard API designed specifically for visual computing applications. In using this state-of-the-art development package, developers are given assurances that platform performance is maximized with the OpenCL™ and Intel® Graphics readily available to them.

This application has multiple functions including creation, compilation, coding and debugging OpenCL applications using the code builder. This program package is also capable of remote development for Android operating systems. This programming tool is also equipped to facilitate Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio integration.

This program package provides users with comprehensive documentation as well as samples, making this utility one that is accessible to developers of all levels of competency. Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2012 provides users with a powerful and complete development environment, providing support to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This package is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems.