Intel Desktop Control Center

Intel Corporation (Freeware)

The Intel Desktop Control Center is software written by Intel to work specifically with certain Intel boards. This utility is designed to give the user better control over motherboard management functions. The program is meant to work with a certain line of Intel products. Specifically, these are the mid to higher range of Intel products. These products are targeted to computer hardware enthusiasts and users that require high-powered computers.

The program allows users to tweak specific characteristics of their motherboard. These optional tweaks are not meant to be made by novice PC users. Thus, the software is only meant to be used by experienced PC users and technicians. With the utility, users can take control over options on cooling and temperature control. This allows users to tune their fan speeds to cool their processors and boards efficiently. The utility also makes overclocking options and control available to the user. This allows users to maximize the potential computing speed achievable by their hardware. Finally, to keep things simple, the program also includes an “auto tuning” function that tunes the system to the best and safest possible settings.

Other features include
• CPU and mainboard temperature monitoring
• Voltage control
• Fan speed adjustment and fine tuning