Intel Application Accelerator 2.30.2164

Intel Corporation (Freeware)

Intel Application Accelerator is a system utility first released on March 20, 2003. This application is used for increasing a computer’s performance according to its Pentium processor by combining different technologies. Its basic principle is to make data transfer between the processor and computer faster by minimizing bottleneck in the computer’s sub-storage system.

If a computer system has components supported by the program, Intel Application Accelerator can improve the boot time speed and overall performance of the system. Aside from facilitating data transfer between processor and computer, the application can also facilitate data transfer between hard drives and other components. The program can also be used for enabling SATA functionality in supported Windows operating systems (i.e. Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000). It also includes necessary drives for managing connected hard drives.

The program’s interface is clear-cut offering a small dialog box containing all details and tools for its functions. The dialog box is divided into three tabs – Device Information, Report, and Support. The Device Information tab displays a tree view of associated drives connected to the system. When a certain drive is selected, the program displays a list of settings/parameters for that specific drive which can be configured based on the user’s need.