DeviceVM, Inc. (Freeware)

InstantView is a program designed by DeviceVM, Inc., which is now known as Splashtop Inc. In 2010, this program was integrated in certain business models of Acer laptops and Gateway laptops. This utility is created based on the instant-on platform developed by Splashtop. Its main function is to provide users easy or instant access to the applications on their business laptops. Users can just press the power button and they can instantly view or access their files and programs. This feature benefits users who are always on-the-go and need to work on their documents, spreadsheets, and other files right away.

Other than quick computer startup, this program also allows users to read emails, manage tasks or calendar items, and open, edit, and import documents. That sounds like a basic feature of a program, but this application enables some of those functions even without Internet connectivity. If users have to view websites or surf the Internet, this program also lets it, but must be connected to the Web.

Other features of InstantView are the following:
• Supports Microsoft Office Tools (i.e. Word and PowerPoint) and Adobe Acrobat or PDF documents (.pdf files)
• Allows Web browser viewing up to 200
• Enables access to Microsoft Outlook mail
• With ScreenGrab and WebGram for screenshots
• Synchronizes any modifications of documents