InstantPhotoSketchPro 2.0

Victor Zaguskin (Shareware)

InstantPhotoSketchPro is a program used for adding sketch effects to photos and images. It makes photos appear like they have been professionally sketched using common art tools, such as pencils and paintbrushes. The application has a simple and intuitive interface, which makes it ideal to use for novice and advanced computers alike.

The main user interface has two menus – File and Help. The comprehensive help file allows users to learn the features of the application and how to use them. Once a program is imported to the application, it appears on the work area. The right panel on the work area is where users can see the settings for applying the different effects. Effects include pen sketch, pencil sketch, poster, and color sketch. After choosing a type of effect, users can change its properties using the sliders that appear on the panel. Users can save their work afterwards and upload it to websites or share it with friends.

Here are the other key features of the application:
• Allows users to create realistic images that look like they were done by hand
• Simple to use with few configurations
• Does not clog up system resources
• Photos and images are automatically transformed into works of art