CyberLink Corporation. (Shareware)

InstantBurn is a packet writing solution for rewritable DVDs. The program supports an extensive list of discs including CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-RE, and many more. The program has a drag and drop feature. Users can easily drag files and drop them to the disc. It also has a verification function to make sure that all the copied files are working properly when executed. This is done by checking the copied file against the original file. InstantBurn treats the disk like any external storage device. The disc can be accessed on ‘My Computer’. Users can choose which disc drive to copy that data to.

Once the data is transferred onto a disc, users can organize and manage the files by placing them into separate folders, renaming the files, and editing the file information. The same disc can be used as long as there is sufficient space for all the files.

Aside from its DVD writing/rewriting capabilities, the InstantBurn application is also capable of erasing content from discs. There are two options for disc erasing – Normal Erase for erasing contents of the entire disc (for permanent file deletion), and Quick Erase for deleting only the file information. The application makes use of the Mount Rainer, a packet writing technology that lessens the formatting time for discs.