Instant File Find for Windows (Shareware)

Instant File Find for Windows is a high performance search tool that is designed for one primary purpose. Its main function is to find computer files instantly. With this utility, users can locate files that they need without losing stride. This is the ideal program for people who can’t afford to spend that much time waiting for search outcomes. The tool can equally browse through video files, music files and document files equally fast and coughs out results in a jiffy.

This program has a few customization capabilities as well. Instant File Find for Windows has customizable quick buttons that allows the user to make a list of document files, music files, and other file types. With Instant File Find for Windows users are given the opportunity to customize the search toolbar. Instant File Find for Windows is also capable of sorting through the search results by date and size. Customization of search parameters includes identification of location as well as specification of date range. There is also an advanced pane wherein wildcards can be implemented

In addition, this application makes it easier to clean up any hard drive. It is also effective in sorting results of the search by date and file size. Search results details include filename, date, type and location. Instant File Find for Windows presents search results with folder size data as well.