Instant Enhancer

Cielosim (Proprietary)

Instant Enhancer is an application used for changing the environment in the game Flight Simulator. The program allows users to fly in different environments. The program’s interface is easy to use, which makes it easy to operate even for beginners. It comes with a manual that helps users understand the application’s main features and how to use them. Some enhancers included in the program include the following:

• Sky – These textures come in different styles and allow users to experience flying in different times of day. Users can choose from night, day, dusk, and dawn. The sky textures have a natural appearance, which makes them look realistic.
• Sun – The program also comes with several sun textures that come with a lens flare effect. These textures are bright and look realistic.
• Water – The water textures comes in different styles and different bodies of water including rivers and oceans. It also features reflections that change according to the weather conditions.
• Clouds – These cloud textures offer two different kinds of clouds – cumulus and cirrus. This makes the skies more realistic.
• Airport – The program also includes airport textures that feature professional-looking photos that were taken from airports around the world. These textures include taxiways and runways for a more realistic feel.