Instant Color Picker

Young Smart Software (Freeware)

Instant Color Picker is a freeware tool that can be used to pick specific colors from any area of the computer screen. Picking colors from the screen is the function of the Eye Dropper. This utility can store as many as 20 colors in the palette as well. With Instant Color Picker, users of can make up their own color formats. Test patterns and color palettes may be exported as well. Colors are saved as color swatches in formats that the user can customize.

The color palette of ICP is flexible in that it can resize itself depending on the number of colors contained. Whenever a color is clicked the details become revealed to the user. A color value may be copied to the clipboard using the auto-copy feature. Color values may be copied in formats such as CMYK, RGB, HTML Hex, HSL and VB, among others.

Instant Color Picker or ICP has tools that zoom up. Aside from this, navigation keys may be manipulated to select specific pixels. Users can zoom up to eight times with a 5x5 pixel average. Instant Color Picker also allows for sharing. The colors stored in ICP may be pasted into Adobe Flash or Adobe Photoshop. Instant Color Picker is a utility created by Young Smart Software.