Inspiration Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

Inspiration is a mind-mapping and learning tool developed by Inspiration Software and released on September 2012. It is targeted towards Grade 6 students to adults. It assists users in structuring thoughts, brainstorming for ideas, and communicating concepts visually to others. It also features Diagram and Map views that facilitate visual communication. This program also features an Outline View for a streamlined thought process. This program also features a Presentation Manager to collate the diagrams, maps, and outlines into one visual report or presentation.

Inspiration features visual communication tools that enable users to add webs, mind maps, concept maps, process flows, graphic organizers, and other organizational diagrams. It features a Rapid Fire tool to easily capture notes and ideas as well as a Symbol library that contains symbols, images, and other graphic pegs that may be used on diagrams and maps. This program provides text customization tools like highlight and text color options, as well as font styles and font size options.

Inspirations Diagram View and Map view allow users to add symbols and images on the space. To make connections, users may add links between ideas, symbols, and other diagram elements. Users may add subtopics and branches. This is done through the Relationship tool. These diagrams and maps may be transformed automatically into text Outlines through the Outline tool. Users can also transform outlines and diagrams into visual presentations using the Presentation tool.