Inspector Parker

Oberon Media, Inc. (Shareware)

Inspector Parker is a mystery puzzle game where players need to help Inspector Parker unravel the mystery in Misanthorpe Manor. Someone has been murdered in the manor and Inspector Parker is brought in to catch the killer. There are several suspects and weapons in the game and users must make use of the available clues to place the suspects and weapons in specific rooms within the manor. The clues are provided on the right side of the screen and players can use these to eliminate the suspects and place all the items and persons in their locations on the grid.

As the game progresses, more suspects and more weapons appear on the screen. Players are only allowed two misses for each level. After the third miss, the level must be repeated. In addition, the game is timed so players must place all the suspects and objects in their respective locations before the time is up. There are three difficulty settings in the game that users can choose from.

Inspector Parker also has a gallery where information about the suspects and victims can be viewed. On the gallery, players can use the information to eliminate the suspects and find the killer. There is also a mini game where players can interrogate the suspects.