Icytec Group, LLC (Freeware)

InsightPoint is a graphics program that is used for creating illustrations for printouts or for use on websites. It comes with several drawing tools for both beginners and advanced computer users. It has a user-friendly interface as well. On the main window, the work area is located at the center. Various tools and settings can be found at the upper, left, and right side of the work area. There are also rulers on the upper and left portion of the work area to guide users while working on their projects. Some of the tools available include the text tool, lasso, drawing, eraser, and others. Users can also add shapes and other objects to their projects.

InsightPoint is useful for class projects, demonstrations, presentations, and for creating graphics for online or offline use. The program also comes with various effects that can be applied to graphics to come up with a unique image.

Here are the other features of the InsightPoint application:

• Program can be used as an alternative to the Paint application on Windows computers
• Comes with several tools and features for creating different types of projects
• Projects and graphics can be printed out straight from the program’s interface
• Does not hog the computer’s memory