Insight Debugger 6.8

Red Hat, Inc. (Open Source)

Insight Debugger is a utility that serves as the graphical interface to GDB, or the GNU debugger. As a GUI, it provides users with access to GDB’s functions. It makes use of the Tcl programming language and the Tk GUI toolkit and is considered as a fully-integrated graphical user interface. It is made up of separate windows that make use of standard interface elements, such as scrollbars, buttons, and entry boxes that make it user-friendly. Each of the windows has its own specific purpose and content, and users can enable or disable each as necessary. Some of the information shown in the windows are text commands, a disassembly of an open function, and the current source file.

Insight Debugger provides users with the ability to open a console window and access the GNU debugger if preferred, while also being able to interact with a graphical debugger. With this application, programmers have a choice to do their debugging work with a graphical user interface or not. One of the key features of this application is that it allows users to see multiple displays at the same time. A console window can be used to type commands in while a source window is open at the same time, enabling users to see the code that is currently being executed. All of the active displays are automatically updated with each step the user takes.