PopCap Games (Shareware)

Insaniquarium is a puzzle computer game that allows users to take care of virtual pets in an aquarium. In the game, players are tasked to manage an aquarium with guppies. Guppies must be fed and in turn, they give out coins that the user must collect to purchase upgrades, creatures, and other types of fish. Additionally, players must protect the guppies from aliens that appear in the aquarium. These aliens can be eliminated by clicking on them repeatedly with the mouse. The game can be played in four different modes: Time Trial, Adventure, Challenge, and Virtual Tank.

In Time Trial mode, players must acquire a certain amount of money before the timer runs out. The first level in this mode lasts for five minutes. In Adventure mode, players must go through five fish tanks. There are five levels for the first four fish tanks and one level for the fifth fish tank. The game ends when the player defeats the final boss in the fifth tank. Challenge mode is like Adventure mode. The difference is that the price of items cost more as time passes. Virtual Tank mode allows players to take care of the creatures by making sure that they have enough food. Fishes in Virtual Tank mode cannot die, but they can get depressed if they are neglected by the player.