Targem games (Proprietary)

Insane2 is a sequel to the Insane series of off-road racing competition. An off-road racing game or off-roading, is a type of race wherein the players compete on unsurfaced roads or tracks with sand, gravel, and other elements of natural terrain. The players can select their vehicle from six available classes including buggies, sport utility vehicles, trucks, extreme cars, and even prototypes. Races can be played in twenty locations within Eurasia, America, Africa, and Antarctica. Based on the players’ progress, they can compete up to one hundred seventy (170) races.

The game, Insane 2 comes with ten game modes, which include a traditional time mode where the players race against time, and nine other modes. The most popular game modes include “Capture the Flag,” “Gate Hunt,” and “Pathfinder.” The game can be played on both single player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode includes helicopter pursuits, territory control, and bonus hunting. Players can upgrade their vehicles by earning more points. Each vehicle comes with detailed vehicle destruction and a car tuning system. Aside from the challenge of moving away from players who create extreme racing moves, players also face heavy tanker trucks, railway crossings, and stormy weather which make getting to the finish line unscathed, a real challenge.